An Apartment in Taipei EP

by Eric Hofmann

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Everything was recorded using an acoustic guitar and Reason in a studio apartment in Taipei, Taiwan.


released April 4, 2012

Thanks to Eric Tra for the a lot of the pictures



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Eric Hofmann 台北市, Taiwan

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Track Name: Flowers from Overseas (feat. Alex Frustaglio)
we stuck together, you and i, like glue
but that was before you said there was somebody new

you packed up everything you own
and wrote me out a final note
and it read just like a suicide
i tried so hard to keep us alive

you got it in your head
some things are better dead
you lost my number and your never gonna call again

time wouldn't let us be
together you and me
i sent ya flowers from overseas

and all that i wanted a digital love
and to see you every few months

to get on a plane and come right back home
where you could heal my broken bones

but you were here and now you're gone
a dissapearin' act gone wrong
in the dead of night, on the very next flight
two carry ons held all your life (and)
Track Name: You're Too Good
you were standin alone
on a balcony
our fair city

and all that i wanna know
is why you're gonna throw me
to the wolves when
they're most hungry

well we're comin along just fine
in the middle of the wintertime
we got a little bit of money saved
and got a little one on our way

you put on too much sun screen
now you haunt my beach just like
the ghost i thought i left
in my house last night and

you don't catch no waves you just
gimme that face my love
like you're too good for us
but i won't make a fuss now
Track Name: Our City Apartments
Later, I saw you on the buses and subways
That morning, you didn’t blink
Dark lonely seats, between you and me
The cinema all but was empty

We forgot the goodbye
We forgot the goodbye
We broke no one’s hearts
but dammit we tried

Later, I saw you
Your silhouette, your face
It was all the same, unchanged
and Clint started to bleed
on the movie screen
but your face was flat as slate
(but your eyes were gray as slate)

you're so temptin when you don't
let me go i let you go
you were bound to bend and break

our city apartments are
wooden boats we float apart
and water's risin every day
Track Name: I'm My Own Savior and Lord
somethins wrong
when you tell a joke
and no one laughs
and you wanna choke
on the words that left your mouth
pack your bags we'll move down south

where people talk like everyday folk
not about the novels they wrote
or who their wearin on their back
pretention sets in till you feel trapped

i wanna be in the country side
i hope you packed you're beautiful mind
cuz this party is old and stale
lets move somewhere we can't get mail

all i wanted was some love
recognition from above
but my words they were ignored
but i'm my own savior and lord

ooooooo i shouldn't be lovin you
Track Name: My Love
you were sick i could see it
you've been ridden down right into the ground
well i'll take you out to greener land
lemme lead ya right by your hand

my love

well you've been kicked, you've been beat and scratched
you've been hit upside your head with a slap
and i let it happen, no i ain't too proud
i was standin in the silent crowd
my love
my love

well we try and make it all right
it only happens late at night
when we're layin in your queen-sized bed
and all the wine has floated to your head

my love
my love
Track Name: Sea Legs
you gotta get your sea legs right quick
cuz this subway is a sinkin ship
this city can swallow you whole
captain ahab in a sea of petrol

the cars and scooters swirled around
a tornado of lights and sounds
but you'll be alright if you pretend
that your home is in your head

everytime my city gonna let me down i let go
take it to the coast and then I ride until the sun go
hide in the horizon gotta find it by tomorrow
and when it finally rises it'll be over the best coast
Track Name: Strays
you better listen up ya hear
somethin's gotta change my dear
we can't go on livin like this

dreamin of a white picket fence
is never gonna make much sense
cuz all we got are beds of cement
a portrait of a

you just gotta let me know
where it is you wanna go
cuz i know we'll make it out
of this town
one last hit now

you threw me out at long last
dumped me on the corner like trash
so pick me up and put me back
i'm all pieces